Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Youtubery of last night's city council meeting

Glenn "Spaguola" (as the council prez calls him), Adam Jung with the "doo-doo accord," R68er Barb Cohen.

R68 cofounder Mark Cohen and tearful puppet master Tom Mesnick.

Out-of-towner and self-described poo bomb Jacob Greene and People's Law Project head Brian Vicente.

More: DNCdisruption08 issues the call:

Calling all mobile musicians, marching bands, and folks who want to make noise and reclaim the streets of Denver during the Democratic National Convention–we need you!

On the first day of action during the DNC, we’ll be reclaiming the streets from the police and corporate occupation of Denver. Our celebration in and of the streets will be one of music and noise and so we are inviting mobile musicians, insurrectionary marching bands, radical cheerleaders, and all others who want to make the streets a joyous, vibrant space to come to Denver and add your voice, noise, and music to our collective expression of autonomy and freedom from occupation.
(also via everybody's favorite totalitarian)

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