Friday, August 15, 2008


Gruntled! The Post: I-25 will close for 5.5 miles during Obama's speech.

Actually from 5:30 p.m. (the speech begins at 6 p.m.) until he's through. I-70 to Sixth at the height of roosh 'oor. There are many comments. Here's one from "mymilehi," giving the complainers "what for":

You all are haters! By the time you all are done listening to his speech that night, you will have tears streaming down your cheeks and you will have found the meaning of your life! Then you will turn to your loved ones and say, "He's the One!"I know! I know! Don't thank me! Thank him!

More: Essay contest winners get to go "backstage with Barack." Eeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Moreish: Rage-riot!

The rock band whose concert outside the Democratic National Convention in 2000 led to a clash between protesters and police will put on a free show in Denver at an anti-war concert during the convention.

[Rage Against The Machine] has agreed to play a week later during the Republican National Convention on Sept. 3 in Minneapolis [sic--it's in St. Paul, dammit] — one of only three shows by the group in the U. S. this year.

Lead singer Zack de la Rocha, in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, implied there would be conflict at the Minneapolis show.

"I think we both know what we expect," he told the interviewer. "You might wanna dip that bandanna in some vinegar."

Wonder why Denver gets a pass?

[T]he last time the band played during a Democratic National Convention, they made headlines. That was in 2000, when Rage Against the Machine played a free outdoor concert near the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where the Democrats were gathering.

As the concert ended, several people began pelting police with concrete, metal rods and glass, according to reports.

No urine or feces, though, so what are we worrying about?

Police responded by firing more than 200 rounds of "less lethal" projectiles, including rubber bullets, according to an internal report revealed during a lawsuit.

The city of Los Angeles paid out $1.2 million in a class-action suit filed by 91 protesters, reporters and bystanders who said their civil rights were violated during the clash.

It's not the money, it's the prestige. Still, what could rioters do at the Coliseum? No more than the typical monster-truck rally (which the joint also hosts, along with "Disney on Ice, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, The Denver March Pow Wow, Christian events, cheerleading competitions, high school sports playoffs, motivational seminars, Mexican dances, roller derby and other miscellaneous events").

And once again (you'd almost think it was planned), it's a long way back downtown, over four miles, so if overstimulated concertgoers are all hot for the Great Burning afterwards, they'll have to take the bus or walk. Hard to keep up a good head of mayhem like that.

M (short for "more"): Did the Obama campaign cheat on ticket distribution?

M2: R!6!8 holds its penultimate organizational meeting. NMT:

It’s been a long struggle against detractors, traitors and weak links, but the DNC rallies, concerts, marches and actions are coming together.

I'm a detractor, Adam Jung is a traitor, and Ben Whitmer is a weak link.

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