Monday, August 18, 2008

Re-create-68 posts revised sked

They'll have a press conference tomorrow to announce stuff, including several added speakers and a free concert from a "historic politically driven band." Just because it's got funny flashy frogs on it, I'll use Deadheads United's version of R68's release. Of course, it wouldn't be a far-left document if it didn't begin with an endless preamble addressing right deviationists:

Before we list the events, R-68 would like to take a moment and address an ever-increasing amount of attacks from the more conservative quarters on the left. Many have asked us to respond to multiple false and inaccurate claims and smear jobs put out by other organizations and individuals. . . .
And on and on. But they actually use a term I'd never heard before (and hope never to hear again):

Unfortunately, [Green Party prez and vice-prez candidates] Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente, two voices for true change in this country, have become targets of some of this unnecessary and unproductive rage that has been perpetuated by what we refer to as spirit snipers. . . .

Spirit snipers. What are these people, a revolutionary organization or Stewart Smalley? In any case, we finally learn what the Re-creationists are going to do with all those puppets they've been making:
R-68 and the Back Bone Campaign will be co-hosting a march to the Pepsi Center that will utilize over 100 large theatrical props to display our vision for the future. Feel free to bring an artistic expression to the march that represents your vision for the future.
My vision for the future would be a signboard with gallon baggies of poop (fake, probably) stapled to it and bearing the legend: "Free! Take one! That would go over big.


The other interesting addition to the schedule is Anne-erika White Bird, who'll speak for Colorado AIM on the 26th. D-blog readers might remember Anne-erika from Ward Churchill's firing just over a year ago. Her husband, Josh Dillabaugh, threatened several times at that soirée to kill your darling D-blog, in front of many witnesses. Anne-erika encouraged him in his later, oft-repeated threats to fuck me up. Here's Josh in a typical pose that day:

My pal.

Ward's frau, Natsu "Truthforce" Saito, the esteemed Georgia State professor of law (and Gitmo lawyer), who also witnessed Dillabaugh's threats--and laughed--will speak that day, too. See ya there, Ratsu!

Update: MSM reportrons! BOLO for Dillabaugh. He's acted threateningly toward your type, too, namely poor Heath Urie of the Boulder Daily Gamera.

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