Wednesday, August 20, 2008

They'll keep the machine gun emplacements, right?

Razor wire removed from cells at Gitmo-on-Platte:
The Temporary Arrestee Processing Center that will be open during the Democratic National Convention will not have razor wires on the holding cells after all, officials said today.

Instead, the 18-by-18 holding areas will be topped with chain-link fencing to keep inmates from climbing out, Undersheriff Bill Lovingier said today during a media tour of the facility northeast of downtown.

Lovingier said that in response to community concerns, "We re-thought those plans, and we came up with a different plan."
The facility will open Sunday and remain operational until Aug. 31.And now they may have changed their minds about where detainees will be released:
Arrestees who post bond will be transported to the jail for release.
Which jail? The one downtown or the one they said earlier they'd use, way out at Havana and Smith Road?

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