Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sowellian DNC

Random "thoughts" on the convention just past:

  • If Recreate-68 isn't bitterly disappointed in the turnout for their protests, they're even more delusional than I thought. After months of predictions of up to 50,000 (and with occasional backtracking), they never mustered more than a few hundred people for any one rally, except the first "major" protest on Sunday with Cynthia 'n' Cindy 'n' Wart ('n' Griff Jenkins, Battlin' Journo!). That drew maybe 800, and that was the high point.

  • One of these days, the demonization of Fox News by the MSM and the left (but I repeat myself) is going to get a reporter or cameraman killed. Every time I saw a crew it was being swarmed, pushed around and screamed at. Could have gotten really bad.

  • But R-68 still didn't come close to 9/11 troofer and all-round (literally) conspiracy psycho Alex Jones in his attempts to incite a riot against Fox News' Michelle Malkin. (More pics from El Marko heah.)

  • The eponymous Mr. B, out here visiting and something of a newcomer to evil leftoid scum-watching, after seeing R-68 co-founder Mark Cohen interviewed on Denver Open Media: "They'd absolutely be violent if they had the strength."

  • There are several Denver Open Media channels, by the way. They had a lot of DNC stuff, and appear to be frequent moonbat roosting places.

  • Snaps is owed an apology, by me (Christ that's hard to say), for poo-pooing her belief that the guy immediately to Wart's right in this pic:

    is former CU ethnic studies instructor Benjie Whitmer of the filthy Try-Works blog. It probably is. He just grew hair. Almost as big a poser as Wart, "ain't" he? On the other hand, gotta dig the go-to-hell fedora with Indian band the fake Indian is wearing.

  • Snaps also notes the similarities between the incident with Griff Jenkins, Battlin' Journo, and the brouhaha known to history as "The Genocide of Benjie's Hand" (h/t: the mincing pirate with the Play-Doh parrot), starring Heath Urie of the Boulder Daily Gamera.

  • Amazingly, by the way, Benjie Whitmer once again escaped arrest during the R68 protests. Come to think of it, he never gets arrested at the Columbus Day protests, either. In fact, for a violence-advocating militant he's pretty passive. Probably can't take the chance of his irascible boss discovering he has an evil alter ego.

  • The combination of senile theatricality and old-womanish fear that makes Ward think he needs a bodyguard--let alone one the size of Godzilla (is that you, Charley Arthur?)--is bizarre. Nobody cares enough to harass you, Ward (except Griff Jenkins, Battlin' Journo!).

  • Ward didn't look too good. Gut. Still smoking. A little bluish, like the blood isn't getting around very well. I know the look. My father had it the last couple of years before he died of a heart attack. He also did zero marching (Ward, not my dad, though for that matter my dad did zero marching too.)

  • Better quit the cigs, old boy. (Think any of his rad sycophants or co-creeps ever says that to Ward? Me neither. Not even Natsu, who'd better quit, too. Women are more prone to lung cancer than men.)

  • Despite all the whining from the likes of Larry Hales (and, admittedly, perhaps a few overreactions by the cops), there were only 154 arrests during the convention. We've had more than that at a single, entirely homegrown Columbus Day protest. We'll see what comes of the usual threats to sue.

  • Left logic by the ridiculous Larry Hales (from the link above):
    Larry Hales, a leader of the Recreate 68 Alliance and of the youth group FIST (Fight Imperialism Stand Together), noted that any violence that has occurred was initiated by the Denver police. Recreate 68 demands all police be removed from the park. Hales stated that since Recreate 68 has a permit to hold its activity in the Civic Center Park, the police have no business there.


  • Biggest disappointment? My apparently failed attempt to broadcast live web teevee reports from Obama's Invesco speech--"apparently" because I haven't bothered to look (too embarrassing). Even if it had worked it probably would have been boring (I'm no Ted Koppel), but I interviewed, among others, a Cherokee from Oklahoma who'd never heard of Ward Churchill and was a former Hillary supporter; an older black gentleman speaking about Obama's nomination ("never thought I'd see it in my lifetime"); and Lucifer and an angel--over-rehearsed perky "kids" trying, allegedly nonpartisanly, to get out the youth vote for an organization called "Trick or Vote." They sucked. I also got shots of lines lining, flags waving, knotheads speechifying, etc. Sniff.

  • Greatest fun? The Rage Against the Mechanism march on Wednesday. By far the biggest march of the convention, and the PPC was all over it (just scroll; it's all good). Best part of the march, though, was when protesters, having accomplished nothing but a promised meet with unnamed Obama aides (we'll never hear about that again), began filing out of the pen they had filed into:

    Protester One (halfway back in the protest line): "What's happening up there?"

    Protester Two (coming from the head of the line): "We lost."

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