Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just figured out the hierarchy


That is, sashaying is worse than prancing but better than mincing. Don't argue with me on this.

Update: Ha ha! I forgot, you CAN'T argue with me on this! (Sashaying about the room.) No comments!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Churchill still genociding truth

Daily Caller notes that "fake Indian and mass-murder supporter" Ward spoke at Scripps College (part of that weird Claremont college consortium in California--I think they sell franchises) on, well, you know. The author of the piece, Charles C. Johnson, waxes indignant because, at the very same time (almost), two colleges of the consortium, Pomona and Claremont-McKenna College, ended a tradition they'd had (since 1959!) of "passing a peace pipe at homecoming football games." They did this because a student group (what KIND of student group, huh?) complained:
"'The issue of the inappropriate use of the Peace Pipe as a trophy was not a topic of conversation until October when members of the CMS (Claremont McKenna-Mudd-Scripps) and PP (Pomona-Pitzer) Athletic leadership met with students who are members of our Indigenous Student Alliance (ISA)' ["athletic director" for one or more of the colleges Mike] Sutton said in an email."
The Peace Pipe’s retirement rests on the spiritual context of this religious tradition,” Sutton wrote. “If a group holds an object as sacred whether a pipe, a cross or a menorah, our values here at the college and the other colleges as well lead us to respect that object.”
So I guess Harcourt Fenton Mudd College's Fightin' Crucifiers will have to quit giving opposing teams those bloody little crucifixes after games too. 

Johnson awkwardly ties this in with Churchill being a lying pig and the schools' alleged hypocrisy for inviting him. Jeez, instead of reading this go ride a bike or dissect a frog or something (I've always been a prescriptivist).