Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mainly protests

First was the Parade of Puppets and Props:

Rosa Parks.

Bullet train. (Picture by "Mr. B.")

Recreate the Fairness Doctrine!

Time for your prostate exam! (Mr. B.)

Codepinkers, oddly, marched with the R68ers' puppets. (Mr. B.)

I don't get it.

It's "Boobs," you illiterate, not "Books." (Mr. B.)

Then there were the Phelpsian homo-haters:

This guy [Update 9/9/08: Carlo Garcia] did something near them and the cops pounced:

"Are you getting this?"

The horse had no comment.

Horse's ass: Amazingly (since the crowd was chanting "let him go!") the cops took the guy away.

Please don't break my crown: Next it was a CodePinker's turn to get herself arrested. Don't know why, don't care. [Update 9/9/08: lots of other people did, didn't they? Funny, I still don't.]

A cop poked his baton at Larry Hales (above, without touching him, just for the record) a couple of seconds before I took this shot. Hales had walked into the street after they'd told everyone to stay back while they made the arrests.

Of course, there was the usual infantile chanting. Whose streets? Our streets!

Spagz, outraged by it all (believe it or not!).

A little later came the Iraq Vets Against the War:

They pretended to be "clearing" the town.

The Rocky and Post put up a fight (I saw Mike Littwin firing from a window until he was vaporized by a grenade), but were quickly neutralized.

A few more miscellaneous (I spelled that right first go) shots:

(Mr. B.)

On a truck. (Mr. B.)

Weiser Bud: on a street line. (Mr. B.)

Bike with plywood frame. (Mr. B.)

Compulsive Shoppers Against the War. (Mr. B.)

Hats: "Welcome, police."

What time is it?

Mom, daughter and evil little doll that comes to life and stabs you in the ankles until you go down so it can get at your eyes.

And finally, fresh from his attempted mob-incitement against Michelle Malkin, Alex Jones and His Troofers!

Actually he wasn't fresh at all.

Gotta admit, though, the Troofers are a good-lookin' bunch:

Cute, cute, cute.

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