Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Al Jazeera to broadcast from Buffalo Rose in Golden

Derka Derka Jihad, Folks! The Post:
Chances are, Indonesians will never hear Jimmy Jurkulak talk about losing his freedoms.

Nor will Saudi Arabians see Natalie Marino saying high gas prices don't concern her because she rides a bicycle.

But 120 million households in 80 countries will get a selective snapshot of the West when al-Jazeera English pays a visit to Golden for two days during the Democratic National Convention.

"Our objective is to present a slice of mainstream America," said Julian Ingle, political program editor for al-Jazeera's Washington, D.C., bureau.

The international news organization will broadcast Aug. 27 from the Buffalo Rose saloon, where, since 1858, more beer has been spilled than most bars have sold.

The next night, when Barack Obama gives his acceptance speech, al-Jazeera will grill pre-chosen attendees at the city's manager's backyard barbecue. . . .

"Golden officials believe the city can gain national and international attention although it probably won't become as well-known as the city's biggest industry, Coors brewery. . . .

Across its historic Washington Avenue is an arch that proclaims: "Howdy Folks! Welcome to Golden — Where the West Lives." Buffalo Bill, buried on Lookout Mountain above town, is celebrated each year with a parade.

Other cities, including Boulder, were considered by al-Jazeera, and at least one turned them down. . . .
Probably not Boulder.

Previously selected townspeople will discuss the economy and the war at the bar, while health and environment will be topics at City Manager Mike Bestor's

Bestor arranged the event when Ingle suggested it as a way to give the broadcast a true American flavor. . . .

The night of Obama's speech, city manager Bestor will flip burgers and hot dogs — though they'll contain no pork out of respect for the diet of al-Jazeera's many Muslim viewers — at the guest-list get-together.

Firefighter Tom Young, paralyzed from the neck down 20 years ago while rescuing a hang glider, will be among those talking about health care.

Mayor Smith and members of the committee on sustainability, a major city effort, will discuss the environment.

"This is an international broadcast, and we're trying to show the world that we're decent, happy people," Bestor said.

"So we welcome them. They (viewers) can see what life in Golden is all about and maybe they can decide not to hate us."
Too late.

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