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Denver rally against war with Iran!

Sponsored by Recreate-68! Okay, so it's not as exciting as one of the great Zombie's protest posts--hell, it's not as exciting as a real zombie (zombies are not exciting)--but it won't make you puke, either, as Zombie's latest might. (Read the blurred version, I implore you.) Anyway:

This was the scene from across Lincoln looking toward the west steps of the Capitol, about 15 minutes after the noon start time for the rally:

W, as they say, TF? Where is everybody?

And the "crowd" actually included a small but game contingent from Gathering of Eagles:

Let's have a look at their signs first, shall we? (Answer: "Yes, master"):

This guy has a homemade frame so he can change out his signs as the spirit moves him. American ingenuity.

Maybe a little old-fashioned ("NOT"), but gets the point across.

Why is this man smiling? Not Achmednijad (note to self--check sp), the guy holding the sign? As far as I can tell, Achmednijad (note to self--check sp) is just kind of standing there yakking with a big bemb going off behind him.

That was it for good-guy signage, so I walked up the hill to get the full panorama from above. There really weren't many people. It was bloody hot, but come on:

Usually these rallies take place on the upper steps of the Capitol and spread down from there--at least, if there's more than 50 or so attendees.

Tourists. No, they didn't want me to take their picture, even though I followed them around asking.

Enough funnin', let's get to the anti war-on-Iran signage:

Aw, do I gotta?

RAIM-D, of course, is the Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Movement--Denver.

The Peace Biddies were there (don't know what they actually call themselves). Biddy center wearing the fishing hat was bellowing the anti-war version of Down by the Riverside all by herself. I have audio, he warned.

Add to your bookmarks! (Or else!)

A Ward Churchill quote is never amiss at a "peace" rally. Standing back to camera is Workers World correspondent Larry Hales of Troops Out Now, R68!!! and every other rad organization in Denver. You might remember Larry.

Teh two guys' t-shirts read (a) "Support the remaining troops" and (b) "Bring the rest home alive."

Sorry, a little blurry. Obama and McCain equal more war, something like that. Click to enlarge if not too bored.

Some of the protesters came over and stood next to the GoE folks, encouraging honks from passing motorists, as is traditional here. They got a few, as well as some genius who yelled, "white power, baby!" Yeah, that fits.

Two worlds.

A sign made of old bumper stickers.

Imperialist War Pigs. Passable band name. Guy second from left is Glenn of the Spagnuolos. We acknowledged each other's presence, though not effusively.

This one's cute:

Grow the fuck up.

That was about it, signage-wise, and nobody looked like they were getting ready to bloviate (though I saw a bullhorn), so I left after an hour or so. Didn't see any MSM covering the event--no camera crews, no reporter's notebooks, no Mike Littwin (rigidly liberal old hippie Rocky Mountain News columnist).

Never noticed this plaque before, which is under a tree (duh) next to the steps.

Same shot we started with, except taken as I was leaving.

So how does this utter disaster of a rally bode for the number and mood of protesters coming to the DNC in just three weeks? This seasoned observer (garlic and just a hint of oregano) says, "Who the hell knows?"

Update: Gateway Pundit links to pics of the anti-Iran war protest in New York City (New York City?!?) taken by Urban Infidel today. Don't know if I've ever said this before, but Denver is such a cow town.

Update II: "Iran vows no nuclear retreat."

Update III: El Presidente has more pics!

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