Friday, August 08, 2008

No Long March: Tent State gives up on City Park

The News:

The protest group, which had until 5 p.m. today to submit a detailed plan to the city of Denver in order to obtain a permit to assemble at City Park during the Democratic National Convention, has decided to move elsewhere. . . .

Jojo Pease, a spokeswoman for the group, said organizers made the decision to go elsewhere after holding more than 25 meetings with neighborhood groups, the Denver Zoo, police, city officials and others.

"Organizers feel that listening to concerns of the community that you're going into is something that we need to do because one of our biggest problems with the government ... is that they don't listen to us," she said. "So, for us to not listen to what other people are saying would be completely hypocritical. In light of that and in light of other events that have happened ... we have decided to move to a different permanent area."

The new area will be announced at a 1:30 p.m. press conference at City Park.
Stock Show arena!

More: Bubba!

More: Finalists for video competition "Why I Am A Democrat in 2008" selected.

Didn't even know about this one, but the weiners are lousy:
In one of cleverest entries, by Cathrin Winsor of Temple, Tex. portrays a young boy as a pint-sized office worker, swimming in his suit coat.

As a jazzy piano tune plays, the boy gets a lay-off notice saying the company has been forced to downsize because of an economic recession fueled by "President" John McCain's "continuing war in the Middle East" and "rising gas prices."

Packing up his teddy bear in a box, the kid tries to drive home, but his red pickup is out of gas. He totes a big red gas can to a gas station, but the fuel pumps have no nozzles.
He hitchhikes to his foreclosed-on home to find a draft notice in the mailbox. Democratic Realism.

The other four are all videos of young people talking earnestly (even salespersynlike) into a camera. Events, particularly in Iraq, have made what they say sound dated. Weirdly, the "hundreds" of other, non-finalist submissions don't seem to be online. All I can find are DNC/Colorado promotional videos, of which there are many.

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