Sunday, October 24, 2010


The stands are still full at Mile H--Invesco Field--at the start of the fourth quarter, with the Broncos suffering probably their worst loss (59-14 at the moment) in franchise history--against freakin' Oakland. I predicted 8-8, but, no way. Let's just call it rebuilding and be done with it. Go Rockies!

Oh, wait.

Update: Yep, the TV guys say worst loss ever.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Everybody's sick of them

But one thing about the Chllean minors, er, miners: the taking oot of Allende was the best thing that ever happened to that country (note passive voice).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Together at last

Russell Means and Alex Jones. Too insane to quote. Just listen. Perfect example of Blair's Law. Apparently Russell has been on Alex's show a number of times.

(h/t Ingrid at PB)

We're never gonna run out of anything

Especially idiots. Good thread over at WUWT; or, at least, it chills out a couple of my pettest of peeves--the hysteria over alleged overpopulation, and the all-too-common claim (both advanced even by AGW sceptics) that we're running out of (fill in the blank). There's a guy commenting there under the nom de doof "GM" who is a Malthusian's Malthusian. He thinks human population should be 100 million or less and constantly uses my new-fave meaningless term: "ecological overshoot."

The (Julian) Simonists tear him up. Not, like the Black Knight, that he notices.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Letter from Obama

John --
No "Dear" again. Starting to piss me off.
I come into this election with clear eyes.
I am proud of all we have achieved together, but I am mindful of all that remains to be done.
"Mindful." Another word I hate.
I know some out there are frustrated by the pace of our progress.
Yeah, that's what the frustration is about.
I want you to know I'm frustrated, too. . . .
Contributing frustration: no more handjobs from the Wookie.
Neither one of us is here because we thought it would be easy. Making change is hard. . . .
As one who, like you, almost flunked Consumer Math, I agree.
The very special interests who have stood in the way of change at every turn . . .
Very special interests? Are you calling them 'tards?
. . . want to put their conservative allies in control of Congress. And they're doing it with the help of billionaires and corporate special interests underwriting shadowy campaign ads. . . .

There is no better time for you to start fighting back -- a fellow grassroots supporter has promised to match, dollar for dollar, whatever you can chip in today.

Please donate $3 -- and see who wants you to re-commit to this movement.
Three bucks? That's it? Hell, I can do th--oops, tapped out. Just gave my last buck to another bu--homeless person. Get a job, sir. I love this part:
I know that sometimes it feels like we've come a long way from the hope and excitement of the inauguration, with its "Hope" posters and historic crowds on the National Mall.
Yes, a loooooooonnng way. All down. "Hope" posters and historic crowds. Gad.
I will never forget it. But it was never why we picked up this fight.

I didn't run for president because I wanted to do what would make me popular. . . .
Working better than you thought, ain't it?
You and I are in this because we believe in a simple idea -- that each and every one of us, working together, has the power to move this country forward. We believed that this was the moment to solve the challenges that the country had ignored for far too long.

That change happens only from the bottom up. That change happens only because of you.
From the bottom up. Hahahahahahahah--oops, my colon just prolapsed.
So I need you to fight for it over the next 26 days. I need your time. I need your commitment. And I need your help to get your friends and neighbors involved.
Not looking to get shot, pal. But look how the buy-in has gone down. Used to be, "Donate $25, $50, $100, whatever you can afford." Now:
If you bring in a new donor today, your $3 donation will become $6. And our Vote 2010campaign will have twice the resources to make important investments like putting staff on the ground, providing materials for volunteers, and turning out millions of voters come Election Day.

Please donate $3 -- and renew your commitment today:
If we meet this test -- if you, like me, believe that change is not a spectator sport -- we will not just win this election. In the years that come, we can realize the change we are seeking -- and reclaim the American dream for this generation.

Thank you for being a part of it,
As usual, you're welcome.
President Barack Obama
"I" count: roughly 15, in what, 300 words?

Clever Hans sucks

Looking for a review of the movie about the great racehorse Secretariat and found a Google ad: "Secretariat signed photo." Wow. I'm buying.

Update: What a come-on. Turns out it's signed by the jockey who rode Secretariat. Hope I can get my $99.95 back.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Forgot all about it

Denver's Columbus Day parade, that is. Until yesterday, anyway. Put in a call to Rick SaBell, the organizer, to see if anything was up, protest-wise (nothing was posted on the Colorado AIM site), but he didn't return it. Luckily, the Post has an anemic account of an anemic parade:
Denver's Sons of Italy Columbus Day Parade, scheduled to go as long as four hours, lasted barely 40 minutes this morning.
There were a few protesters:
Even the group of protesters was on the smallish side and were difficult to hear across Broadway except for a few with microphones.
Did Benjie get arrested?
Sons of Columbus President Rick SaBell said the parade was larger than past years and broke a record for the number of parade entries.

"We've got all three ships, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria," he said. "We're gaining momentum. Our goal is to restore the history and luster of the parade." . . .
Only been to one, and that was in the heyday of the protests, but the parade itself was pretty unlustrous.
The most prominent feature of the parade were columns of gleaming motorcycles, from classics to elaborate custom-built bikes, that revved their engines to drown out protesters.
Yeah, they did that in 2005 too.
A ring of police surrounded the small group of protesters on Broadway.

"Kick cracker bums off Indian land," said one sign.

"Columbus go home," a few dozen people chanted.
Here's a little Malkin-fodder:
Protester Antonio Moreno said Colorado is occupied Mexican land.

"This isn't your land white man," he yelled into his
microphone. . . .
Yeah, racist. But the parade was so boring the reporter had to focus on some woman's apparently gimped-up little dog:
Connie Truax's toy schnauzer Lacy was terrified by the cannons [at least they weren't crap cannons] just before the parade started. But when it got moving she charmed the few people scattered along the parade route.

A Tom Tancredo supporter, Truax pushed a wheelchair with Lacy and a stuffed Uncle Sam aboard.

"He needs a little help now-adays," she quipped.
But her favorite candidate for governor was also under the weather.

"Tom couldn't be here. He has a terrible cold," she said.

Update: Did Benjie get arrested?

Thursday, October 07, 2010


Just making some sauerkraut and ribs. Ever had those? Old German recipe. Anyway, I was stabbing the ribs with a two-pronged fork to make the deliquescence quicker when I thought of the The Manson Family, and then of Babe, both movies I've seen recently. Fatal Attraction fits in there too, somehow.

Michael Douglas, by the way, had big ol' jowls even back then.

Many people think I'm getting smarter with age.

Update: Dig it!