Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Denver Greens: Prez candidate McKinney NOT part of R68 speaker lineup

Claire Ryder, head of the Denver Greens, released a rather peevish press release yesterday:

Green Party Candidates Not Associated With Recreate '68

(Denver) In a press statement, and email blast this morning, Recreate ’68 announced that Cynthia McKinney, Green Party candidate for President, and Rosa Clemente, Green Party candidate for Vice President, would be speaking at their rallies.

Both candidates, and the Green Party of Colorado, are refuting this announcement and are stating that neither candidate, nor the Green Party of Colorado, are in any way associated with Recreate ’68, nor will any of their candidates be speaking at or attending any event, nor are they in any way associated with the group Recreate ’68.


Let's be real clear about this. The Green Party of Colorado, the Adams-Jeffco, Arapahoe and Denver Greens have absolutely no connection or affiliation with the group touting itself as 'Recreate '68'.

Indeed, that this organization would include as speakers the names of people who have not agreed to participate in their events should tell everyone how disreputable and dishonorable they are.

If, of course, you needed another lesson.

More: Now Tent State's new neighbors are worried:

When Tent State University decided Friday to move its protests and other activities away from City Park during the Democratic National Convention, neighborhood concerns moved with them. Residents around Cuernavaca Park near lower downtown, the site of the protesters' new headquarters, are worried about everything from security to traffic, said Councilwoman Judy Montero, whose district includes the park.

A meeting has been set for 7 p.m. Thursday in the lobby of the Flour Mill Lofts, 2000 Little Raven St. . . .

Incredible shrinking crowd:

[Mayor's spokesperson Katherine] Archuleta said the city will work with residents to make sure they're informed about the group's plans. For example, she said, organizers are expecting about 5,000 people, not 50,000.

"When you know that there's going to be that many people coming into your neighborhood, of course you want to voice concern," she said. "But I think that there has been some misstatements about what this group is like or how many people there are going to be and what actually they are going to be doing in the park, so what we want to do is clarify that for the neighbors."
More: A couple of local pieces on Spagz, R-68 and Chicago, 1968: the Littleton Independent and Boulder's Yellow Scene.

More: The Post looks at some of the rumors circulating around the Democratic National Convention. The weirdest, though, is about the Republican convention the following week in St. Paul:

While local kayakers want to know whether the South Platte will be off-limits, residents of St. Paul, Minn., wonder whether law enforcement at the Republican National Convention next month will patrol the Mississippi in a submarine.
Yellow, no doubt. Recreate 68!

I hate "Yellow Submarine."

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