Saturday, August 23, 2008

First look at the "Freedom Cage" for DNC protesters

Hard to tell from the pictures, but the enclosure is almost shockingly small:

A medic team on bikes was exploring the space. And snickering.

That's it?

It really doesn't look like it'd hold 5000 people. But, as one cop pointed out, since protesters eat only millet and such, they don't take up much room. Then he snickered.

But at least the city was good as its word. The cage is within sight of the Pepsi Center:

You hardly even have to squint. But see how close the media tent is? And protesters will have microphones and speakers and bullhorns and all kinds of noisy stuff. The MSM will enjoy that.

A closer look at your delegate-approachable double-fencing, guaranteed to maintain a constant eight feet between delegate and potentially assaultive peacenik:

Since they're not going to search people before they enter, maybe the Recreationists could smuggle in a motorcycle and a ramp, and Glenn Spagnuolo could do a Steve McQueen on those fences. Huh? Huh? Think it would sell?

One wag wondered if the city hadn't actually promised that protesters would be within sight of the words "Pepsi Center."

The tower is part of Elitch's, the amusement park on the edge of downtown. It does not house a death ray. No matter what the FBI guy told me. COINTELPRO!

Of course, this may all be moot, as the R68ers have sworn to use the cage not, and Tent State says it will use it only to "feign" sleep in. Fun for all ages.

Update: By the way, this was all put up overnight. I was here yesterday after 8:00 p.m. and there was nothing but open lot and a Conoco station--which is now fenced off as well.

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