Friday, June 11, 2021

Do not take the Covid vaccines

There are many, many problems with them, both manifest and potential, and people, as Nancy Pelosi won't say this time, are dying. 

Bret Weinstein, Robert Malone, M.D., and some guy I never heard of named Steve Kirsch discuss the latest piece of pure fucking evil perpetrated by public health officials, pols, corporations, "scientists," and, of course, social and legacy media: the effort to sell the public on the safety of the vaccines. Lying, censorship, ignored and hidden information, media malice and recklessness, monstrous ideological corruption--all once again present, only worse this time. 

The vid is three hours and 16 minutes long, and it's all important. And despite Bret's typically goofy, hey-guys-this-just-might-work solution, it's all both (sing it with me!) depressing and enraging. The only bright spots are that it was made, that it has not (yet at least) been censored, and that views are rising fast. It deserves the widest possible circulation, and despite my minus one readership (I don't read my stuff either), I'm duty bound to post it.

Update: Now it's been censored, both on Youtube and Vimeo. Here it is on a platform I'd never heard of called Odysee. (Can't figure out how to embed it from there.)

Update II: Reuters does a "fact check" in which some of the claims made in the Weinstein vid are disputed, particularly that the spike protein is cytotoxic. Oddly, though it's talked about a lot in the video, Reuters does not attempt to debunk the claims made in it for the effectiveness of Ivermectin in prophylaxis and treatment of Covid. Anyhow, here's a handy-dandy chart one of Reuters' experts put together:

Weinstein, et. al should address this, but in the meantime, here's another gink, Luc Montagnier, winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize for his discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, who says flatly, "I refuse to be vaccinated." That video was also censored by Youtube and Facebook and now appears on Odysee. Montagnier's assertion that the vaccines themselves are creating dangerous Covid variants, however, is disputed in a piece from Poynter, the ultra-orthodox media-news site (and Facebook censorship partner), which also claims that Montagnier is some kind of homeopathy loving waterhead.

Friday, October 16, 2020

"How are you handling Covid, my darling Mr. Drunkablog?"

Many ex-readers have asked. Well, the D-blog is doing much better, thanks, since that day in late April or early May when he stood in the Walmart parking lot (Colfax and Wadsworth) hearing the Walmart Covid announcement over the giant central loudspeaker:

We know it can be a difficult time. and we are working hard to make every day life easier for you. . .

And screaming at the oddly unfazed Drunkawife, "Suicide of the West! Suicide of the West!"

As a reminder, we’ve adjusted our store hours to make it easier for associates to stock and perform enhanced cleaning and sanitizing. . .

 "Suicide of the West!"

 across the store. Please remember to wash your hands often, stay home if you are. . .

 "Suicide of the West!"  

sick and practice good social separation of at least six feet when possible. Loitering inside and outside the store is strictly prohibited. Thank you for choosing. . .

"Suicide of the West!"


Update II:  Those who know him will know that the D-blog is not actually doing much better, especially today. Today Denver Mayor Michael Hancock mandated that masks be worn outdoors, "for the foreseeable future." Another order limits gatherings of "unrelated" people to five. Read the story. Pure evil from the Post, but just another example of how the media, elected officials, public health officials and your average street Stasi* all now share two motive forces: malice, and recklessness amounting to malice. 

*Last week I was walking a dog at Berkeley Lake across Sheridan from Lakeside Amusement Park. Guy coming toward me on the path stops 100 feet away and pulls up his stupid bandana. Then as he comes closer he gets off the path and goes about 30 feet up a little rise and stands there. I walk by and give a polite wave (as is customary in Colorado) and he gives a little mocking wave back and says, "Fuuuuuuck you, man." No, I wasn't wearing a mask.

Fuuuuuuck you, man: Berkeley Lake in happier times.

Update III: Never watched any of this guy's videos before, haven't seen this one yet, but here's what he's gonna say: Covid conforms to the Gompertz Curve; therefore, none of the evil totalitarian shit rammed down everyone's throat (with all too many swallowing eagerly, of course) has done or will do a lick of good. Researchers agree that I'm clairvoyant.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Oh, come on

Update (two weeks or so later):

Better sentiment ("LIFES MATTER";"Don't fucking EVEN"), no correction of grammar.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

"I'm personally coming to you, John"

R.O. in process. Michelle:


It is absolutely critical that we elect Hillary Clinton as our next president and Democrats down the ticket. . . . [Nice sentence.]

That's why I'm personally coming to you, John, and asking a simple question: have you done everything you can to help Hillary win?"

I . . . have not. 

Monday, October 03, 2016

Fleet week

Having earned his (provisional) release from the Oklahoma State Home for the Genial (hi there!), the D-blog decided to use some of his accumulated disability payments (the D-blog is now officially 112 percent disabled, btw) to expand his fleet of work vehicles.

Isn't this a cool truck?

Hard to read, but it says, "Old Pickup That Died!!?? Not For Sale!!!!" Love this truck.
  The D-blog uses it to haul grain to the frou-frou little Farmers Market at 38th and Federal. 
And this is the D-a-W's new daily driver:

Yes, do. The D-a-W is very into the Vegan Prosperity Gospel and, as you can see, this little beauty goes far toward making that gospel manifest in her daily life. We haul grain in it, too.

And here (best for last), is the D-blog's own day-to-day car. A little pricey for a late-model used, but as I've discovered, love really is what makes a Subaru a Subaru:

You should see the smiles and waves, hear the honks and laughter, when the D-blog is driving this baby. For some reason, though, it's only guys who see me getting out of it at the store or whatever who come over and ask to take a picture of me posing with this car. No chicky-babes. Weird.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Elephant: Well . . .

Tourist (passing by): Pardon me?

Elephant: Oh, I'm sorry. Just talking to myself.

Tourist: Okay.

Elephant: It's just that . . .

Tourist: What?

Elephant: Well, see, I have this new camera . . .

Tourist: That's a nice one.

Elephant: Yeah, it is. Cost me 900 bucks.

Tourist: (Whistles.)

Elephant: Yeah. Anyway, I've been taking a lot of pictures--you know, the savanna, some of my elephant buddies, those weird trees . . .

Tourist: Acacia?

Elephant: Gesundheit. Anyhow, like I said, I've been taking lots of pictures, but what I haven't done is try to get a good shot of a human. And when I saw you walking by . . .

Tourist: Yeah?

Elephant: You won't laugh?

Tourist: Of course not.

Elephant: Well, I thought, "There goes quite a handsome fellow."

Tourist (embarrassed, looking at the ground): Aw, crap.

Elephant: No, I did. I thought, "There goes quite a handsome fellow. I wonder if he would do me the honor of posing for my first portrait of a human?" Wow, I can't believe I even said anything . . .

Tourist: No, no, it's fine . . .

Elephant (shyly): Well, now that we've been talking some, I wonder . . .

Tourist (expansive): If you can take my picture? Why, sure!

Elephant: Really? You don't mind!

Tourist: Of course not! Hell (laughs), I won't even charge you!

Elephant: Oh, that's really so kind of you . . .

Tourist: Not at all! Kinda tickles me to have my picture taken by an elephant.

Elephant (excitedly): Okay! Here we go! Now, just look off in the distance, maybe like you're hearing the stampeding of a mighty herd . . .

Tourist: Like this? (strikes pose).

Elephant: That's it! Hold it . . . and . . . got it!

Tourist: Get a good one?

Elephant (looks at viewfinder): It's perfect! Want to see?

Tourist: Sure. (Looks): Say, that's not bad. . .

Elephant: Oh, thank you.

Tourist (after a moment, slightly awkwardly): Well, okay, guess I'll be moving along. Nice talking
to y--

Elephant: I'm terribly sorry, but can I ask one more favor?

Tourist (hoping the elephant will call him handsome again): Sure, just ask!

Elephant: Well, I've been trying to figure out the timer on this thing, and I think I've finally got it.

Tourist: Uh-huh.

Elephant: So I wonder if we could . . .

Tourist: Get a picture together? Absolutely!

Elephant: Oh, thank you so much . . .

Tourist: Hey, no problemo.

Elephant: Okay. Now I've got the camera on my tripod, I'll just set it for what? Five seconds? Okay, five seconds. That's plenty of time for me to run around and get next to you, right?

Tourist: You're the photographer.

Elephant: 'Kay, here we go . . . um . . .

Tourist: What?

Elephant: Well, when we're together for the shot . . . can I put my right front leg around your shoulders, you know, like we're real old friends?

Tourist (smug at the attention this elephant is paying him): Why, sure you can!

Elephant: Oh, that's wonderful. Okay, let's do it! Timer tripped . . . and here I come!

Drudge: Elephant tramples tourist to death trying to take photo... 

Update: Having actually read the story now, I see that the tourist was Italian. The d-blog thought about rewriting this with a bunch of "zees" and "zos" or whatever Italians do (don't worry, I'd have researched it) thrown in, but screw it. Just read aloud and insert your own Italian accent, okay? (That's for the tourist; I don't know what accent to read the elephant in.)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

D-blog to testify in murder trial

Fuuuuuuuuuu. Just got the subpoena today. Not gonna say nothin' about the case, except that it involves persons previously (to the murder, that is) unknown to the peace-loving D-blog. Instead I'll just quote from Michael Roberts' (blech) brief write-up of the murder in Westword nearly two years ago:
Michael Chavez was murdered near the 1600 block of Bryant Street; at this writing, no one has been arrested or charged for the crime.

Now, there's been another fatal shooting not far away -- near 26th and Bryant, according to the Denver coroner's office, which has identified the victim as Jeremy Wilson, age 23. The office says ID was confirmed by fingerprints, suggesting that Wilson's info was already in the system.

What happened? We've got the basics below.

At around 10:53 p.m., notes the Denver Police Department, officers responded to an address in the vicinity -- the DPD refers to it as the 2600 block of West 27th Avenue -- after receiving a shots-fired call.

There, they found Wilson, who was suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. He was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead.
They caught somebody, of course. The trial is next month, and after I testify I'll tell the story here. There will be pictures.