Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Stoners brave morning light

To "score," in the parlance of today. This was the line outside a medicinal/retail pot shop called Citi-Med in south Denver about 10:30 on the first morning in history that common ordinary American citizens--people like Joe down the block, or your plumber Ernie, or Otto your kids' bus driver--were able to just walk into a--what was I talking about?

Actually we happened by on our way to a zestful and healthful New Year's Day walk around Washington Park, in case you were wondering, and I had to get some shots of the heepies queueing to buy legal weed.

 Heepies queueing to buy legal weed. Two-hour wait, people said.

Line didn't go around the block, but it went down it a good bit.

This guy was all like, "Happy New Year, dude!" 
The Post, of course, has gone full re--what was I talking about? Never mind, I'll just link to The Cannabist (pretentious gits) and leave it, for now, at that.

Update: As you might imagine, Jack Webb is not happy.