Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Top Ten Alternative Names for Recreate-68

From Slapstick Politics and the Drunkablog:

10. Let's Active

9. Highlands Ranch Relief Force--the middle class is here to fight for you!

8. Revolutionaries "R" Us

7. Recreate '38--recapturing a different decade's "political activism" (show trials optional).

6. Mom's Basement Gang

5. The Little Churchills

4. Spagz' Slow Pitch Softball and Agitprop Collective

3. Recreate the Cultural Revolution!

2. Dork Squad

And the number one alternative name for Recreate-68--

1. Shriners

Update: Originally the number one alternative R68 name was "The Elks," but "Shriners" is funnier, don't you think? Shriners drive around in those little cars and wear fezes and all like that. Funny.

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