Monday, August 25, 2008

9/11 Troofer Alex Jones verbally assaults Michelle Malkin at mint levitation

Bet I'll never write that headline again. Another protester repeatedly shouted, "Kill Michelle Malkin!" The People's Press Collective has the incredible video (shot by our very own tinhorn dictator, El Presidente). I got a couple of photos:

Alex Jones.

He was right in Malkin's face, shaking his fist. Of course, they were immediately surrounded six-deep by media and other idiots (including me, about three idiots out):

Malkin, lower right. If she's five feet tall I'm the King of Peoria. The guy in the green shirt and stupid hat (upper left) was the one shouting "Kill Michelle Malkin!" Absolutely evil.

But she just tried to keep doing her job, while the extremely leather-lunged Jones followed her around.

Extremely leather-lunged.

There was some pushing and shoving, but Malkin didn't even seem shaken afterwards:

Check out the video.

Gateway Pundit has more; Malkin herself, class itself, mentions the incident only in passing ("I should have brought my spit shield. Ick.")

Update: El Marco of Looking at the Left was there as well. He's doing DNC photography for Zombie, and his photos were linked by LGF this morning. His photos of the Malkin incident aren't up yet, but keep checking back, 'cause they'll be worth it.

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