Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Protesters who make bond after being arrested during the DNC will have another problem: getting back to Denver. The Post:

Denver officials and the sheriff's department said Wednesday that they will not release prisoners taken into custody during the Democratic National Convention into the neighborhood surrounding a temporary detention facility [allegedly in northeast Denver]. . . .

Sheriff's deputies have written letters to residents and businesses in the neighborhood explaining the facility's role. In the letter, the sheriff's department said that no detainees will be released into the neighborhood even if they are able to post bond at the temporary center.

Instead, deputies plan to bus those who are able to post bond to the Denver County Jail at East Smith Road and Havana Street, where prisoners are usually released.

East Smith Road and Havana is about ten miles from the supposed Gitmo on the Platte, and even farther from downtown and the Pepsi Center. In short, an hellacious hoof, and a surefire deterrent to multiple arrests.

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