Sunday, August 03, 2008

New York Post notes iffy story about R-68 warehousing pee

Almost two weeks after a Grand Junction TV station had the story, the Post says protesters in Denver are storing up urine (and now, apparently, feces) to throw at cops during the DNC:
Oh, crap!

(Get it?)

Denver law-enforcement authorities are searching for a warehouse where they believe urine and feces are being stockpiled to throw at police by protesters at the Democratic National Convention.

Denver City Councilman Doug Linkhart told The Post a source has "told me that he knew of a house where protestors were accumulating urine. We are trying to ban these things in advance, so we can actually confiscate the materials ahead of time."

Linkhart was making the same claim then, so--where's the House of Pee? Could Linkhart possibly be doing a little mongering of the fear for some reason?
The public-safety committee is set to vote on an ordinance tomorrow that would ban protesters from carrying "noxious substances." . . .
Keeping protesters from carrying "noxious substances" is a good idea on its face (so to speak). Do we really need scare stories (okay, probable scare stories) as well?
Police are particularly worried about a group called Recreate 68, which is reportedly planning several major rallies during the three-day convention that starts on Aug. 25, according to an insider.
An insider. Anyway, tell us more about this "Recreate 68"!
The anarchist organization - named for the riot-ridden 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago - is against a two-party political system.

Recreate 68 was one of the anti-globalist mobs that demonstrated in Seattle in 1999 against the World Trade Organization.
No, no, no! Again, Recreate-68 didn't even exist until Denver "won" the convention in 2006. Oh, what the hell, it's the New York Post. Denver: no cowtown.

Update: If R68 actually is storing up bodily wastes, they probably call it their Strategic Feces Reserve. Or should.

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