Friday, August 01, 2008


Just to make sure it's not missed at the bottom of the previous DNC post, let me reiterate Westword's little revelation that Benjie "I'm not part of Recreate-68" Whitmer runs the group's website with Glenn Spagnuolo:
The defense presented [R68 co-founder Mark] Cohen with an e-booklet pulled from the R-68 website called “Bodyhammer: Tactics and Self-defense for the Modern Protester” that explains how to create shields, improvised body armor and special techniques for charging police lines. Cohen testified that the website is run by R-68 members Glenn Spagnuolo and Tryworks blogger Benjamin Whitmer.
Benjie has always presented himself as only an interested potential protester, never mentioning his involvement with the website. Can't imagine why. Bodyhammer, of course, was scrubbed from the site during its recent makeover (see update/correction below).

The New York Times rehashes the protest trial; so does Eric Verlo at Not My Tribe, who is not sanguine about R!68's prospects in the case:
There was also a surprise suggestion of a little playground north of the Pepsi Center where the city attorney asserts the public can catch an unimpeded view of the convention center. The plaintiff [R!68] countered that the park wasn’t among those offered for permits. . . . Meanwhile the novel location buttressed the city’s claim that protesters would have visual access to the DNC “from all points of the compass.” A fellow activist murmured “like Long’s Peak.”

The defense attorneys seemed to have displeased the judge more, because she had to restate their case for them in stronger terms perhaps so that she’ll have more room to find in their favor. It looked that way to me.
Update/correction: Recreate-68 founder Glenn Spagnuolo overcomes his distaste for this "lame ass" blog to say in comments that the Bodyhammer pdf is still on the Recreate-68 site. It is. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Less believably, Glenn also says Benjie Whitmer only gave him "a few tips" on the R68 website. Odd then that fellow R68 founder Mark Cohen would say under oath that Benjie and Glenn run the thing.

Update/no correction: R!68 has posted a partial list and schedule of bands taking part in its Festivus of Democracy during the DNC. They're all fairly transgressive, but on the whole need more cowbell.

More: Ticketholders for Obama's acceptance speech at Invesco Field will be asked to phonebank:
[Obama consultant Jenny Backus] said ticket holders will be asked to arrive several hours before the speech and that time in the stadium will feature activities for people to engage in - including phone banking. She also said they hope people will use technology like video from cell phones to communicate with those outside the stadium and around the country to capture what is happening at the stadium.

"We are certainly going to like having a captive audience to do some training on how to communicate, on how to use technology to help our cause," Backus said.

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