Friday, August 08, 2008

Top Ten Ways the DNC is like the Beijing Olympics

By the dictator voted most likely to end up on the ash heap of history and me.

The uncanny similarities:

10. Both the DNC and the Beijing Olympics will feature the arrest of at least one protester from Boulder, Colorado. Funny headline--"Protestor from the People's Republic of Boulder thrown out of the People's Republic of China"

9. Both the Chicoms and Dems will spy on hotel web access

8. To the untrained ear (or those of you who disappoint Barack Obama by not speaking a dozen foreign languages), both Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) and moonbat are completely unintelligible

7. Two words: crap cannon

6. Democrats think there are way too many humans for the earth to support, too

5. Both events will be ignored by sane people everywhere

4. Beijing and the DNC have the same security philosophy:

Security measures include surface-to-air missiles outside the main Olympic stadium, 100,000 anti-terrorist personnel and a half-million volunteers watching neighborhoods.

Combat aircraft, helicopters, warships, chemical-defense equipment and radar are on call.

We've got black military choppers and the crap cannon (see above)

3. Both are touted as the "greenest" ever--China wants to have the greenest Olympics ever:
China has relocated factories, seeded clouds, planted millions of trees, halted construction and dramatically limited traffic in recent weeks to clean up the air.
We have a greening director . . .


1. They're ALL commies!

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