Friday, October 16, 2020

"How are you handling Covid, my darling Mr. Drunkablog?"

Many ex-readers have asked. Well, the D-blog is doing much better, thanks, since that day in late April or early May when he stood in the Walmart parking lot (Colfax and Wadsworth) hearing the Walmart Covid announcement over the giant central loudspeaker:

We know it can be a difficult time. and we are working hard to make every day life easier for you. . .

And screaming at the oddly unfazed Drunkawife, "Suicide of the West! Suicide of the West!"

As a reminder, we’ve adjusted our store hours to make it easier for associates to stock and perform enhanced cleaning and sanitizing. . .

 "Suicide of the West!"

 across the store. Please remember to wash your hands often, stay home if you are. . .

 "Suicide of the West!"  

sick and practice good social separation of at least six feet when possible. Loitering inside and outside the store is strictly prohibited. Thank you for choosing. . .

"Suicide of the West!"


Update II:  Those who know him will know that the D-blog is not actually doing much better, especially today. Today Denver Mayor Michael Hancock mandated that masks be worn outdoors, "for the foreseeable future." Another order limits gatherings of "unrelated" people to five. Read the story. Pure evil from the Post, but just another example of how the media, elected officials, public health officials and your average street Stasi* all now share two motive forces: malice, and recklessness amounting to malice. 

*Last week I was walking a dog at Berkeley Lake across Sheridan from Lakeside Amusement Park. Guy coming toward me on the path stops 100 feet away and pulls up his stupid bandana. Then as he comes closer he gets off the path and goes about 30 feet up a little rise and stands there. I walk by and give a polite wave (as is customary in Colorado) and he gives a little mocking wave back and says, "Fuuuuuuck you, man." No, I wasn't wearing a mask.

Fuuuuuuck you, man: Berkeley Lake in happier times.

Update III: Never watched any of this guy's videos before, haven't seen this one yet, but here's what he's gonna say: Covid conforms to the Gompertz Curve; therefore, none of the evil totalitarian shit rammed down everyone's throat (with all too many swallowing eagerly, of course) has done or will do a lick of good. Researchers agree that I'm clairvoyant.