Friday, August 15, 2008

The heat is on

Denver's high today was 59 degrees--ten degrees below the previous low high, if you know what I mean, set in 1933, and almost 30 degrees below the usual high temp for mid-August, 87. It's snowing in the mountains.

We all know what to blame, of course.

Update: My thermometer never got above 51.

Update II: Bjorn Lomborg:
Much of the global warming debate is perhaps best described as a constant outbidding by frantic campaigners, producing a barrage of ever-more scary scenarios in an attempt to get the public to accept their civilisation-changing proposals. Unfortunately, the general public – while concerned about the environment – is distinctly unwilling to support questionable solutions with costs running into tens of trillions of pounds. Predictably, this makes the campaigners reach for even more outlandish scares.
He picks on one campaigner in particular.

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