Monday, August 04, 2008

Invesco Field protest area unveiled

The Post:
Demonstrators on the Democratic National Convention's biggest night will be "within sight and sound" of the delegates as they are shuttled to Invesco Field at Mile High for Sen. Barack Obama's acceptance speech, city officials said this afternoon.

The public-viewing area outside Invesco Field on Aug. 28 will be an approximately 53,000-square-foot area located in Lot J on the north side of the stadium within sight and sound of the delegates arriving and entering the facility.
A little protest dilution:

The area will be open to all members of the public, whether they choose to participate in any of the marches or not. All activities within the public-demonstration zone remain subject to local, state and federal laws, city officials said. . . .

Individuals in the protest zone are entitled by existing Denver city ordinance to utilize bullhorns.

Additionally — as provided at the Pepsi Center public-viewing area — a stage/riser and amplification system (for example, speakers and a microphone) will be provided inside the area, with at least two speakers located outside the public-demonstration area and pointed at the delegate entrance/exit pathway.

More: Tent State to announce "possible alternative" to camping in City Park. The Post:

A leader of a group that had hoped to camp thousands of protesters in City Park during the Democratic National Convention said he hopes to announce a possible alternative Wednesday.

Tent State University organizer Adam Jung said the group remained disillusioned over how city officials have handled the camping suggestions. . . .
Awww, poor wittow cowwege students. Dere wittow dweams destwoyed.
Jung said the group now is coming up with alternatives that could alleviate the camping controversy, but he declined to give specifics.

"We're doing this on our own," he said. "The city certainly isn't helping us."
Hey, I know! The stock show arena!

Update: Just noticed it, but the Post's headline calls them "Tent City."

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