Monday, August 04, 2008

Just like Ernie Pyle

Dispatch from one Craig Stehr to Frisco (as natives call it) Indymedia:
Hello everyone, After being banned at the Long Haul Infoshop for being too rational, sane, and aggressive for the Berkeley scene [Drunkablog guess: mostly the last], and having been informed by the ineffective hippie milieu that I am crazy for demanding that East Bay Food Not Bombs return a lousy $55 to me which I used to pay one of their bills at the collective house I was living in [a collective house ripped him off, and he's all indignant. If he'd shown up with a cow they'd have taken that, too] . . . I decided that maybe I ought to leave the Berkeley milieu for awhile. So, I got on the grey dog [hobo lingo] and went to Denver. I have taken a week long series of trainings at a permaculture community...medic training, direct action, and legal trainings. Then, Recreate 68 got me housing in Denver. I have since been attending Unconventional Denver meetings/am part of one of the working attending Recreate 68 meetings/am part of the media group...and I cook & serve food twice weekly with Denver Food Not Bombs. . . . There are countless opportunities for direct action during the Festival of Democracy--Days of Resistance alternative to the DNC electoral spectacle. . . . Lastly, and I know that this violates the Indybay policy: I need money to maintain myself here! Send me some at: Craig Stehr [redacted]. Lastly, I may well return to San Francisco after the RNC
protests . . . Feel free to contact me and offer me free housing now. Hey, I don't want to do all that I am presently doing to the ultimate good, and then return to the bay area and have to suffer incredibly stupid, aggravating, homeless circumstances. Just bein' real, Craig Stehr in Denver, Colorado
It takes a permaculture to raise a bum.

Update: Commenter Laurie notes problems with the R68-dncdisruption effort to accomodate out-of-town protesters in need of a place to crash.

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