Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday NIght at the Radio!

Sucky Cindy McKinney talking the other day about Wart Churchill and COINTELPRO reminded me that I hadn't played I Was A Communist For The FBI in a while. This one's called "The Wrong Green" (1 April 1953).

And allegedly the only two-part episode of Suspense in its 20-year history: "Donovan's Brain." This is the first version in any medium made after the publication of Curt Siodmak's novel. Orson Welles is very creepy ("sure, sure, sure") and there's lots of Theremin there. Oddly, while both Wikipedia and IMDB say these were originally broadcast in 1944, the Internet Archive says:

Part 1: 12 October 1943;

Part 2: 19 October 1943.

But also lists them in 1944. I'm going insane.

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