Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blog reaches heights of fame unheard of in human (though not non-human) history

Rocky op-ed columnist Dave Kopel notes some Colorado websites for the politically insatiable. Among the usual suspects (Colorado Independent on the left, Face the State on the right) he mentions a certain, well, um:
The Drunkablog specializes in hostile coverage of the extreme left, an important local topic in light of plans for protests at the Democratic National Convention. Last Saturday, the Re-create 68 Alliance organized a tiny rally on the steps of the state Capitol, denouncing U.S. policy toward Iran. The event was too small to merit coverage in the Denver dailies, so Drunkablog performed a useful function by providing pictures of the protesters and their signs, such as "Abort the troops." . . .
Such a manly little chap, too. And a new motto for this scrofulous old blog: "The Drunkablog: Performing a useful function."

Eh. No pizzazz. Also not true. But I do like the "specializes in hostile coverage of the extreme left." Somebody's gotta do it.

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