Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where's Wardo?

The man's like a bad penny (no idea what that means). One Peter Klein at the website Organizations and Markets:
Back now from the AoM [Academy of Management] conference in Anaheim. Random thoughts:

1. The Critical Management Studies Division (yes, it really exists) featured, as a keynote speaker, none other than Ward Churchill, former professor of ethnic studies at the University of
Colorado . . . . His talk: “On the Banality of Managerial Efficiency: The ‘Eichman Question’ Revisited.”
And revisited and revisited and revisited . . .
Apparently the Late Unpleasantness (1, 2) [yes, footnotes] did not disqualify him from this eminent academic honor. I did not attend the talk but was told he was “impressive.”
Impressive. Don't worry, they're only morons:

BTW, if you’re wondering about this division of the Academy, look no farther than the CMS website:

The Critical Management Studies Division is a forum within the Academy for the expression of views critical of unethical management practices and exploitative social order. Our premise is that structural features of contemporary society, such as the profit imperative, patriarchy, racial inequality, and ecological irresponsibility often turn organizations into instruments of domination and exploitation. Driven by a shared desire to change this situation, we aim in our research, teaching, and practice to develop critical interpretations of management and society and to generate radical alternatives. Our critique seeks to connect the practical shortcomings in management and individual managers to the demands of a socially divisive and ecologically destructive system within which managers work.

Management by walking around (and sabotaging stuff).

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