Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday Night at the Radio!

Speaking of MIM's esteemed Security Minister (you know, I'm tired of calling him "Security Minister." Henceforth his cell name is "Comrade Darryl"), he was kind enough yesterday to mention my habit of playing episodes of the old radio show, I Was a Communist for the FBI:
Hey, if you don't really know the riddle of effeteness, the similar Korean War relic relevant to your "I spied on the communists series" and the mystery of "relocation services" from previous experience, then don't worry about the whole thing [Okay!]. Sometimes MIM presumes things are more centralized than they are, something like the parsimony principle.

Yeah, good spot on the FBI bureau chief's son [thanks! Please explain!]. But you know what else. You could drop this whole thing. Various intelligent people probably are paying attention, not a good thing. There are various cross-cutting agendas at work on this thing, and have been the past couple years.
Various intelligent people paying attention to this blog, Security Min--er, Comrade Darryl? Don't think you need to worry there, Sir!

Anyway, in your honor, Comrade Darryl, here's an episode of I Was a Communist for the FBiiiiiiii. This one is called "Pennies From the Dead" (1 October 1952).

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