Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Churchill files suit

The Rocky's "full story":

The next chapter in Ward Churchill's saga has officially begun.

His attorney, David Lane, filed suit in Denver District Court this morning as an amendment to a case filed last year.

Churchill was dismissed yesterday on a 8-1 vote.

"If you think I'm the end game, you're wrong," Churchill told supporters yesterday, shortly after the announcement.

More to come shortly at
Here's the filing (pdf).


1. CU launched the investigation in retaliation for Churchill's 9/11 essay.

2. CU terminated Churchill in retaliation for the 9/11 essay.

3 and 4. CU unlawfully breached Churchill's contract in failing to comply with university procedures. This includes three sections on CU's failure to pay Churchill's lawyer David Lane $20,000 Lane thinks the university owes him.

5 and 6: CU denied Churchill procedural and substantive due process.

As certain prescient folks (i.e., me, somewhere or other, I swear) predicted, Lane wants a jury trial in Denver.

Update: PB, away from the computer this morning, is back and ready to chew monkeys.

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