Sunday, July 29, 2007

Wonders of Denver

The Dragon Boat Festival! At Sloan Lake!

Left foreground, nose; center, dragon boat.

The end of a race. You have to snag the flag.

The Post tells how dragon boat racing began:
When Chinese poet Chu Yuan, a warrior and loyal aide to the old emperor, fell out with the new one, he is said to have drowned himself to save face. His followers wandered the Mi Lo River, banging the water with paddles to keep fish from eating their master's remains.
Dragon Boat Festival. Isn't that political correctness for you? Until just a few years ago it was called the "Human Chum Festival."


Lots of chum.

A demonstration of the ancient Chinese martial
art of Electric Bugaloo.

It rained a couple of inches Friday evening, so it was like Woodstock.


All kinds of Asian food stands, of course, but luckily I didn't have any money.

The far side of the lake was almost deserted.


Duck, duck, goose, pelican (at extreme upper left, goose butt, buoy).

Another lost frisbee: Billy Bob just kept on across the lake and got a shish kebab.

It was okay.

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