Friday, July 13, 2007

Old man, out of it, defends Churchill

NYU law professor and critical race theorist Derrick Bell implores CU regents to spare Ward Churchill:

I can imagine the tremendous political and perhaps financial pressures being exerted to get rid of Churchill, but such action will have precisely the opposite effect. I urge you to listen to the lawyers who know the law and not to those motivated by unthinking retaliation and perceived political advantage.

Even a conservative court will find it difficult to ignore that the charges brought against Churchill because of alleged academic failings are spurious and an all too obvious pretext for quite severe punishment because of statements about the 9/11 attacks made out of context to the lengthy study out of which they were made. And whatever the district court’s decision, this case will likely be taken on appeal, perhaps as far as the U.S. Supreme Court.

You read it here (or maybe there) first: Wart to the Supreme Court!

As I indicated at the outset, I am a supporter of Ward Churchill. His academic output speaks for itself [now that's begging the question] as does the range of students who loved his classes, gained from his writings, and support his retention. . . .

I predict that dismissing the charges against Professor Churchill will cause howls of protest from those outside the University, but will bring quiet sighs of relief from those faculty whose careers and lives are founded on peace and order so necessary to live the life of the mind.

Bell appeared by video at the laughable National Emergency Forum (aka Churchillpalooza) last April, saying more or less the same thing.

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