Thursday, July 12, 2007


PB links to a piece straight out of the Ward Churchill time-capsule by Dissentery Voice editor Joshua Frank: "The Liberal Trashing of Ward Churchill." Amazingly, it was published just today.

Subtitled, "Distortions of Acumen" (great band name), the article attacks liberals who wrote bad things about Ward two-and-a-half years ago. Frank even reiterates the insane lice-picking arguments about exactly what Churchill meant in his 9/11 essay. Uh, we're all way over here, now, Joshua.

Despite the hoariness of his subject, Frank remains, like any good socialist, forward-looking:
It’s time to move past Ward Churchill’s fearless [sic] thesis about the US Empire and fight for his right to voice his opinions publicly. No matter how unsavory they may be.
What a novel idea. Frank, of course, is either an idiot or he hasn't been following the story. Probably both. But one of the comments on the piece is historic, heralding as it does the return of Puce:

I applaud your defense of Prof Churchill arguments as much as I admire his guts on putting into words what no other americans would dare to look at: the name of the elephant in the living room. . . .

Has anybody ever made an estimated count of civilian deads by American bombs???? This means, bombs dropped by American war airplains under the American flag in the past 65 years??????

Ah, memories.

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