Sunday, July 29, 2007


Carole Standing Elk and Patti Jo King in a (now-highlighted) comment at PB:
As two of the four older Indian women Churchill and his ex-wife, Professor M.A. Jaimes of San Francisco State University, assaulted in 1994 at the San Francisco Press Club, we are intimately familiar with the problems Churchill creates and leaves in his wake. While we hold CU ultimately responsible for licensing, nurturing, and supporting his plagiarism and deceit, we also understand how he misled them with skillful hucksterism. We would also like to remind the public that CU was contacted repeatedly about Churchill's fraudulent and volatile activities years before he made the "Little Eichmann's" comment.

CU turned a blind eye to his spurious, often violent activities toward Indians, on and off campus. They turned their back on the many complaints they received with typical Ivory Tower lack of respect for Indians - but also out of fear.

As he has demonstrated during this investigation, Churchill goes on the extreme attack when confronted. In California he and his former wife assaulted us - Indian women between the ages of 42 and 86, to try to stop us from distributing a statement denouncing his fraudulent activities in the Bay Area Indian Community.
Ward's always been a mite fractious. Read more . . .

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