Friday, July 27, 2007

Newsweek interviews Churchill

Pointlessly. The man really needs to change the tape. He's starting to sound like Grandpa Simpson. Newsweek doesn't help, of course, asking hard-hitting questions like:

But how can you possibly compare the victims of 9/11 to that of a man shipping the gold fillings from murdered Jews?

Click, snap, creeeeeeaaaaakkkkkk:

Those (9/11 victims) who were engaged in the international-financial operations, which were the motive cause for U.S. policy … in full knowledge of what effects were on juvenile populations, sweatshops, and so forth—that’s the anchor here. Implement policy for profit, to maximize profit, to increase dividends, blah, blah, blah.
Blah, blah, blah.

A few other good 'uns:
[The Standing Committee on Research Misconduct] was as much of a jury of my peers as the (1950s) all-white juries in the southeastern states in regard to black defendants.
Blacks agree! Well, Shareef Aleem, maybe.

Newsweek: Will you stay in teaching?

I’ve been teaching all my life. And I guess you can say in a way that I’m engaged in teaching right now.

Sick bag! Sick bag! Sick baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaack! Bleeeeeeggggggghhhhhh.

Newsweek: Do you think you did anything wrong at all, or are you just a victim?
I’m not a victim. Never, ever call me a victim. OK? Don’t call me embattled either. I’m beginning to think that’s my first name (from its use in press reports).
Well, it's definitely not "professor" any more.
It’s ridiculous. I’m a target, not a victim. And you may notice, I don’t tend to roll over and get stepped on.
But you do tend to roll over and blow water out your nose like a hippo. Churchill does say one true thing:
I’m considered—rightly, wrongly or indifferent—at the forefront of this particular line of historical interpretations of indigenous understanding.
No question about it.

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