Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Better hide the catalogue, kids

The Rocky's Vince Carroll notes that even though Ward Churchill may soon be gone from CU, the ethnic studies department and all its little Churchills will still be around, and still teaching the same old crap:
If your son or daughter is thinking of majoring in ethnic studies, you might want to check out its Web pages on the CU-Boulder site. Much of the content reads as if its authors are winking at us; you couldn’t write a better parody of radical gibberish if you tried.
Then, as we did last week, Carroll quotes from the (non-) parody:
“We stress critical thinking, the construction of grounded social theory, data gathering and comparative analysis. . . . We engage emergent epistemologies of racial/ethnic communities to critically question established disciplinary canons by encouraging our students to move beyond being objects of study toward being sbjects of their own research.”
And concludes:
This is a department that was content to have Churchill as its leader. The king is being deposed, but the kingdom looks about the same as always.
Well, maybe a little worse.

(via PB)

Update: Weirdly, Carroll thinks this month's meeting of the CU Regents to (probably) fire Ward will mark the "final phase" of the Churchill saga. Au contraire, mon capitaine!

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