Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Security Minister takes only 11 paragraphs to explain why MIM doesn't have an e-mail address. Random graf:

One advantage of our current pattern of communication is that we see who has cryptic communication ability. For a long time, MIM noticed that a substantial portion of readers are spooks and those in their related fields. Some of our readers are much better in this area than anyone at MIM's etext cell. We might even hypothesize that those with cryptic communication ability have a much higher belief on average in MIM's ability to shape the world, its power.

Pause for derisive laughter.

Underlying that could be that people with cryptic communication ability have higher class background themselves on average. This points to a danger in serving only the lumpen, not to mention allowing ourselves be swamped by the petty-bourgeoisie. At the moment, we see some in MIM circles swamped into inaction by cryptic struggle. We see others swimming fine, better than us.

Amazingly, Swamped Into Inaction by Cryptic Struggle is the title of my ("forthcoming," as Natsu Elaine Taylor "Truthforce" Saito so felicitously phrases it) autobiography.

Update: PB notes the meet-ugly of Churchill's dog Benjie and MIM.

Update II: One of our most distinguished professors: "[T]he Maoist International Movement have used their weekly papers to advance some of the best analysis of my case and its implications yet published" (h/t Snapple).

Update III: Well, that didn't last long. Don't be hurt, Security Minister, but in comments to his own post Benjie says MIM spews shit. Takes one, as they say, to know one. (On the other hand, maybe this is just an example of Benjie's cryptic communication ability.)

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