Saturday, July 07, 2007

CU regents to decide Churchill's fate July 24

CU Regents will meet July 24 to decide whether to fire Ward Churchill, and Churchill's lawyer is demanding the meeting be public:

University of Colorado regents will discuss whether to terminate suspended ethnic studies professor Ward Churchill in a closed session July 24 that Churchill's attorney wants opened to the public.

"This is a matter of public concern, and CU's done enough politicking behind closed doors," Churchill attorney David Lane said. "It should be done in the light of day."
Won't happen:

CU spokeswoman Michelle McKinney said it is university policy to discuss personnel matters in private session. However, she said, regents afterward could make statements and would vote in open session on whether to fire Churchill for academic misconduct.

"The dismissal-for-cause policy was developed for the protection of faculty, and there is no exception," McKinney said.
Meanwhile, soporific Churchill frau Natsu "Truthforce" Saito tells the same old lies to a sympathetically ignorant interviewer somewhere.

(via PB, who also notes that four (more) professors, including the illustrious (PB has used the honorific "coprophagic") Tom Mayer and the incandescent Emma Perez, have filed a "formal grievance" against Wardo's firing. Tom's signed on to what, now, three of these things? Somebody should take his pen away.)

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