Thursday, July 19, 2007


  • PB has a fan's Amazon review of the audio CD of Ward Churchill's In a Pig's Eye. Informative!

  • Peter Kirstein shows his feelings about Churchill's prospective firing through (somebody else's) art (via Marathon Pundit):

  • Yeah, sure.

  • Ralph Luker at the History News Network blog Cliopatria sez:

    The University of Colorado's Board of Regents will meet on 24 July to act on President Hank Brown's recommendation about whether it should fire Ward Churchill. The case has become a caricature of procedural restraint.
    Tell us about it.

    Update: A couple of pro-Churchill letters in the Silver & Gold Record this week. Representative phraseology:

  • If Ward Churchill is fired for the bogus reasons you have declared, then it is a complete and utter travesty of our supposed way of life. I am determined to see to it that Ward's name is not tarnished by such hypocrisy. Please be sure that if you do decide to make such a grievous move, you must know that you will be going up against forces for positive struggle that are determined more than ever to put a stop to such incredulous people as yourselves.

    I'm incredible, you're incredulous. And, from another Californian . . .

    The specific charges against Ward have been debunked. . . .

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