Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Save it for the suit

In a piece oddly titled "We (heart) Ward," the Colorado Daily rehashes the argument that Ward Churchill's firing should be halted until the charges made against the Standing Committee on Research Misconduct by Churchill's supporters are investigated. CU sociology professor and Churchill lickspittle Tom Mayer is quoted:

“President Brown is violating our rights and privileges as faculty members by proceeding to recommend the dismissal of Churchill on the basis of conclusions reached by an investigative report while this same report is the subject of unresolved investigation,” writes CU Sociology Professor Thomas Mayer in a formal grievance to the Privilege and Tenure Committee July 5.
As is Eric "please don't record me" Cheyfitz:

“It appears they're ignoring the counter-charges, and have just moved ahead. That's their strategy,” Cheyfitz told the Colorado Daily Monday. . . .

Michele McKinney, CU system spokeswoman, said Tuesday Churchill participated in a seven-day hearing to bring deficiencies in the investigative report to the attention of the Privilege and Tenure Committee, which unanimously disagreed with his assertions, and that Brown made his recommendation to the regents upon a full investigation of the case.

In a press release dated July 6, CU Education Professor Marki LeCompte said, “Once we understood from Cheyfitz and Yellow Bird just how incredibly skewed the Churchill report is, we had to conclude that the whole effort to get rid of Churchill is fundamentally political rather than based on any reasonable notion of research misconduct.” . . .

“This is a national issue,” added Cheyfitz. “Most of Churchill's body of work was reviewed during his tenure. It's only when he wrote this piece on the Web after 9/11, when he raised questions on the U.S. Middle East policy that any of this came about. This seems to me, no more, than a way to attack him politically by other means. So I think it has national implications, for sure.”

For sure.

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