Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Night at the Radio!

Information Please, with the Yankees' "Lefty" Gomez and New York's "Li'l Flar" (as he was known in the South), Mayor Fiorella LaGuardia (3 October 1940).

Bonus Info Please! John Gunther and New York Times com-symp Jimmy, er, Walter Duranty (considerably less funny) (4 July 1941; that is, less than two weeks after Germany attacked Russia). Fascinating. [update: a couple of nasty skips, but it gets over them.]

Update: Death Be Not Proud. Sniff.

Update II: Robbie Benson as Johnny Gunther (sorry, couldn't find a pic of Johnny. Let's just say he was a sober-looking young man of the mid-1940s, not a teen idol.)

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