Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ward: CU won't investigate countercharges

Can't wait for Tuesday:
Churchill Press Release on CU’s Refusal to Investigate Charges of Falsification, Fabrication, and Plagiarism Against Investigative Committee:

Based on the May 9, 2006 Report of a University of Colorado (CU) Investigative Committee, President Hank Brown has recommended that I be dismissed for “research misconduct.” From the beginning, it has been clear that going through my scholarship with a fine-tooth comb was simply a pretext to fire me for my constitutionally protected speech.

The fraudulent nature of CU’s “investigation” has been clearly documented by 5 sets of research misconduct complaints filed against the Investigative Committee. Two sets of these complaints were filed in May 2007 by 9 CU professors, 6 outside professors and 2 attorneys.
Marxist sociology professor and former Stasi interrogator Tom Mayer signed various complaints a total of 13 times.
I have since filed three additional sets of research misconduct charges. These 5 complaints document, among other things, falsification and fabrication of evidence and plagiarism by the Committee in its Report on my scholarship.

Today I was informed that the University of Colorado will not investigate these charges against the Investigative Committee because its activities “did not constitute research.” This is astonishing, given that the Committee members were purportedly selected on the basis of their scholarly credentials and claim throughout the Report to be engaged in scholarly research and analysis.
As PB (from whom) asks, "does 'Investigating Committee' sound like a research enterprise, or an investigatory enterprise? If scholars conduct the investigation, does it suddenly become academic research?"

The answer, of course, lies in the age-old question: If a cat has kittens in the oven, does that make them biscuits?

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