Sunday, July 15, 2007

Organizing Committee Member speaks!

He doesn't actually say what he's organizing committee member of, but since the comment was appended to this post about Recreate68! and its plans for the Democratic Convention, it's probably them. Here it is:

Hey jgm, was wondering if you would have the courage to tell us who you are. We promise not to harrass you, just a little courious to who makes such ridiculous and unfounded statements about the group or about Glenn Spagnuolo, just one meber of the group, not the whole group.
Have the courage to tell you who I am? Hate to tell you, Organizing Member, but it's you who's anonymous, not me. (By the way, "Organizing Member" sounds a little lewd, so I'll just call you "Glenn.") If you're "courious" about me, Glenn, look around.

You also say I've made unfounded statements about you and R68!, Glenn, but for some reason don't quote any. So let me guess. Do you object to the charge that R68! doesn't really want peaceful protest? Unfortunately, a slight stroll through your website shows the truth of that one (though I can't decide if it's the section on "street tactics" or the one on shields and body armor that's most convincing).

Maybe it's the accusation that you, personally, Glenn, don't want peace? If so, that little fit you threw at last year's Columbus Day protest doesn't help your case:

A hundred years, next year [that Columbus Day has been a state holiday]! This is it! This is the last chance they have [to end the parade and/or the state holiday]! Next year, all bets are off!
That's a threat, Glenn. You also compared Columbus Day paraders to the KKK. That's not very peaceful, either.

Or maybe you don't like me pointing out your close connection to Columbus Day protest-mate and all-around-pal Ward Churchill? Completely understandable, since he frequently and explicitly calls for violence. But stll, everybody knows you and Ward are just like that, Glenn.

(Say, you must know Ward's little dog Benjie over at Try-Works, too. You've even been arrested with him, haven't you? Doesn't that make you revolutionary brothers or something? Maybe he'll vouch for your peaceful intent.)

One more thing, Glenn: you just told the somewhat, um, agitated "Jerry" that you'd love to have him in the org: "And by the way Jerry, you are more than welcomed to come to our meetings and get involved instead of wasteing your time on these folks."

He, too, made a threat, in case you didn't notice.

In short, Glenn, you and your organization lie when you say you want peace.

Happy to "rap" with you any time.

Update: You promise not to harass me? It is to laugh.

Update II: I'll make a $10 donation to R68! if you reply (in a full and coherent manner, of course) to this post, Glenn. Ten. Dollars.

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