Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Night at the Radio!

In honor of Professor Derrick Bell's innocent hope that CU regents will vote to clear Ward Churchill and "bring quiet sighs of relief from those faculty whose careers and lives are founded on peace and order so necessary to live the life of the mind" (see previous post), here's an episode of The Halls of Ivy, with Ronald Colman as Dr. William Todhunter Hall, president of venerable (and peaceful and orderly) Ivy College. For extra fun, compare wise Dr. Hall with someone like, say (just off the top of my head), Elizabeth "Terms of Endearment" Hoffman, happily former president of the University of Colorado.

Yack yack yack. This one's called "The Chinese Student" (17 February 1950).

Update: Okay, that didn't work. The archive site is a little hinky sometimes. So here's another show from The Halls of Ivy: "Is Professor Gerhart Cheating?" (24 March 1950).

Update II: The link to "The Chinese Student" works again.

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