Sunday, July 01, 2007

Drunkablog profiled

Over at Try-Works, "Mad Knitter," in only her second post as substitute host for an intermittently ailing Benjamin Whitmer, has an embarrassingly fulsome piece on yours truly. With photos.

Actually the post consists of ridiculous, and worse, unfunny, slander, but I do look a little (okay a lot) demented in one of the pictures. So I have to link. Oddly, the last time MK wrote about me it was to say I was a pedophile, not an "upskirts" man, as she so elegantly puts it in this post. Guess I've matured.

Mad Knitter, by the way, is almost certainly Ann-erika White Bird, a CU student (in mathematics--kidding!) who acted as a "legal assistant" for Churchill during the P & T committee hearing, spoke at Churchillpalooza (echoing the now-famous "Ballerina" comments by another speaker) and took the pictures now posted at Try-Works. Quite a department, that ethnic studies department. CU should be proud, proud, proud.


Update: Oh, Dean Saitta! I seem to recall introducing myself to you at Churchillpalooza (see link immediately above). Surely you remember: I was the twitching, leering, crazed-laughtering, compulsive upskirts picture-taking guy? How could you forget? You must have met White Bird, too. Nice girl, is she?

Seriously, Dean, can you still not see that every single person in Churchill's inner circle is a scoundrel? Doesn't that tell you anything? It's not about free speech. It's not about different ways of knowing. It's about writing and teaching malicious lies, and an academic culture that (at best) looks the other way, because the lies confirm their own prejudices. Has the herd mentality of the Group of 88 taught you nothing?

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