Monday, July 16, 2007

Wasn't me

The News:

A man was shot and killed outside the governor's office at the State Capitol this afternoon.

Evan Dreyer, the governor's spokesman, said a man with a gun walked into Gov. Bill Ritter's office and yelled, "I am the emperor. I am here to take over state government." The governor is OK.

I worried that D-blog readers (if any) might jump to conclusions on reading that "I am the emperor" stuff.

Update: Not very ambitious for an emperor, was he? "I am here to take over state government." Got those counties and towns pretty well pacified now, do you, emp?

Update II: Interesting fact or figure from the News:

[Witness Rosa] Moreno said that when she first heard the shots, she thought it was staged for the tour.

Honey, it's the Capitol, not Tombstone, Arizona.

Why they hate us:

Two tourists from the Netherlands, Ineke Kooistra and her friend Berry Dors, decided to visit the Capitol on the next to last day of a three-week vacation.

"We wanted to visit the state Capitol and the lady said, ‘You can’t get in. There’s just been a shooting.’ At first I didn’t believe it."

Interesting fact or figure from the Post:

A group of people on a tour of the capitol building saw a man in a tuxedo kneeling in the hallway praying. A few minutes later, they heard someone yell "You're going to pay for this, you (expletive)."
The building is locked down, so for a few lucky tourists the Capitol will indeed be a Three-hour Tour.

Update III (17 July): Both papers of course have much, much more. The Rocky:
The first sign of trouble came around 10 a.m. Monday at Mister Neat's tuxedo shop in Northglenn. A man walked in the door and said he needed a tuxedo, right away.

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