Monday, July 16, 2007


Recently commie crap-rag Dissident Voice has been publishing pieces on the Churchill mess. PB links to the latest, an appeal to the CU regents not to fire Wart by an associate professor at some place called Oklahoma Panhandle State University ("the Sangamon State University of the Oklahoma Panhandle"). It's stupid and nearly illiterate (he says to the regents: "your decision will be reveled by some and reviled by others." Reveled?), but you already knew that.

Anyway, I just happened to look at the "about" page at DV and noticed this bioline for one of the co-editors: "Kim Petersen enjoys scuba diving, working out, and advancing the struggle for a world based on principles of peaceful and equitable sharing and respect for the environment and life."

In that order. It's been said many times, including by me, but: these people are beyond parody.

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