Thursday, July 05, 2007

Power mad, but only in a small way

Theodore Dalrymple writes on Australian "free-lance historian" and Drunkablog hero Keith Windschuttle in the New English Review: "Why Intellectuals Like Genocide." Good stuff, but we already know why:
If the current state was founded on genocide then, however superficially satisfactory it might appear at first sight, it is necessary to re-found it on a sounder, more ethical basis. And the architects and subsequent owner-managers will, of course, be the intelligentsia; for only they are qualified.
Windschuttle himself, as I noted last January, makes the same point:
[T]here is an important truth to the idea that the way to undermine a nation is to challenge its central narrative, its history. That is why for the past thirty years left-wing academics have waged a concerted campaign to re-write the histories of their own countries, especially the histories of the settler societies of the Americas and the Pacific.

They like genocide because it's their only hope for power.

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