Saturday, July 07, 2007

Editorial writer retires, goes mad, starts blog

Actually she hasn't quite retired yet, but Rocky Mountain News editorial writer and Drunkablog pal Linda Seebach will be leaving the Rocky July 13, moving to some place called Northfield, Minnesota, and starting her own blog.

Welcome to the Monkey House, Linda. Duck!

Seebach, who's been with the Rocky for a decade, knows basically everything, but usually writes on education issues from, most unusually, a conservative perspective. The Rocky can ill-afford to lose her, of course, but newspapers in general can ill-afford almost everything that's happening to them these days.

On the upside, maybe after the 13th we can take Linda out to dinner and, you know, actually buy her dinner. The woman is an absolute freak on the Rocky's freebie policy. Sample:
I would like to buy you a cheeeeeseburger, Linda. May I?

No, thank you: it's against Rocky policy.

Well, how about a nice glass of Tab?

Against Rocky policy.



Free tasselled toothpick?

Ummmmm . . .

Gotcha, you grasping minion of the corporate power structure!
My guess is Seebach will find blogging much more fun than writing a dumb old column (it's the freedom). Go get 'em, linsee.

(Here's a link to Linda's blog. Nothing there yet, but Watch the Skies.)

Update: I missed Linda's column last month on Indoctrinate U, Evan Coyne Maloney's film about--what else?--the quasi-marxist PC groupthink on American college campuses.

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