Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You ought to be in pictures

AP says Karr's family is shopping the movie and book rights to Karr's story in order to pay for a big-time defense attorney:
Karr's father and brother hired actor, author and producer Larry Garrison to represent them in any media deals and to help them find a top attorney to represent Karr, who is in a Los Angeles jail awaiting transfer to Colorado to face allegations he killed the girl in 1996.
The Drunkablog suggests Denver attorney David Lane. He's already got the Ward Churchill and Rainbow Family accounts sewn up, might as well go for the lunatic trifecta.

Other interesting bits of tid from the AP article:
Georgia attorney Gary Harris, who had represented Wexford and Nate Karr in recent days, has said that the family found a photo from Christmas 1996 that indicates [there's that word again--ed.]Karr was in Atlanta, not Colorado, at the time of Ramsey's death.

Harris no longer represents Wexford and Nate Karr, Garrison said, but a family photo has been turned over to Boulder authorities. He could not say what the photo shows . . . .
Another attorney (I had a DT hallucination once where tiny bugs with giant false teeth swarmed all over my face--now why did I just think of that?) protested Karr's portrayal in the media

"as being mentally unstable, attention-seeking, [and] unwell, mentally unwell. And he is none of those things," said attorney Jamie Harmon, who attended Tuesday's hearing and whose partner, Patience Van Zandt, represented Karr when he was charged in 2001 with possessing child pornography in Northern California.

Karr "is anxious to have an opportunity to address the allegations against him, to be portrayed in a more accurate and complete way," Harmon said . . . .

Can't wait. Karr's (first) ex-wife also pitches in, and her family make an potentially important claim:

Today, Quientana Ray, who married Karr when she was 13, told ABC's "Good Morning America" in a pre-recorded interview that Karr was controlling and used to tell her about fantasies he had about little girls.

"I was drugged and things were done to me without me having any idea," said Ray, who is now married with a 4-month old child.

Her parents, Melissa and Larry Shotts of Hamilton, Ala., said they also discovered letters Karr wrote to their daughter that were signed "S.B.T.C." - the same initials found on a ransom note left in the Ramseys' home. They did not show the letters during the interview and it wasn't clear if they still had them.

The reporter apparently didn't ask to see the letters. Typical of this case.

Update: Damn, I just noticed how clever the title of this post is.

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